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CPU at 100%

Question asked by Louis Poulin on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by Dogus Teknoloji

The setup is brand new and running R80.10 in a HA cluster (per state VS) with VSX running only one VS so far and for the simple task of browsing the Internets (to access funny cat videos, what else could be worth it?). 


The cluster is composed of two 15600 appliances. The VS has 10 cores allocated.


We are talking about 3500 users.


A couple of times this week, we experienced high CPU usage on at least one of the cores. High enough to make the IPS go into bypass for about ten minutes each time.


The effect was that a lot of users were unable to browse the Internet (so were not able to access funny cat videos aforementioned which made people sad). Their requests got timed out.


TAC and PS haven't got anything so far.


I was wondering if someone here had any hint on where to look for clues?