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R80.10 - Correlation Unit not able to real logs

Question asked by Michael Horne on Feb 20, 2018
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I have newly install of a Management Server (VM on Hyper-v) running R80.10 fir all the recommended updates applied. The management server is also running the SmartEvent server / correlation unit:


Management blades

The Security gateways are logging to the Management server. I am getting the following Error message:

Log message

I check online there is little information from people having a similar issue this issue.  There was one SK for R77.30, that I have applied the same workaround for, but it had no effect. I have checked SPstat cpsead and things appear to be OK:




Also in the SmartEvent Client everything else appears OK:




I f anyone has any experience with this problem or can suggest some steps to aid my investigation it would be appreciated.


Many thanks,