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Change of Firewall Public IP and Endpoint Security VPN

Question asked by Jan Kleinhans on Feb 20, 2018
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we have to change our WAN IP.

How do we configure the distributed Endpoint Security VPN-Clients?

I have tried to use the options:

enable_gw_resolving = true




and changed the dns entry for our site but it always connects to the old IP and do not try to establish a link to the new ip.


Another try where it seems to work is,

enable_gw_resolving = true





This seems to work (tried routing the old ip to blackhole and see connections to the new ip). But how do I get the configuration to clients not connecting frequently.

Is the only way to publish a new client with a new configuration?

The problem is, that we have 2 different authentication methods configured. If we deploy a new client with a new configuration, the users have to manualy change the authentication method.

I tried to run "trac.exe update" from inside the network. But it only says that the ressources are already available an does not update its configuration from trac_default.ttm.


Has anybody that migrated to another ip with Endpoint Security Clients a tip?