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What information is written in preboot?

Question asked by Premysl Vresky on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Premysl Vresky
What information is written in preboot?

Should I ask what information, in addition to my name and password, is written in preboot?
This is a domain computer.

I have an interesting situation here: my colleagues transferred computers from one container to another in AD.
it means policy change and also another Folder Redirection.

There was a problem with encrypted computers.
Normally, the user logged on to the preboot, but he did not have a login to Windows.
It was left hanging on this screen: (Welcome)

Fortunately, the client was communicating with the server so it was enough to shut down the preboot and the computer was running normally.

I'll examine it tomorrow ...
What effect can preboot have on logging in to Windows, except for your username and password?

some idea?