sk115392: "How to export Check Point logs to a Syslog server using CPLogToSyslog"

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Introductory note: Since some documents haven't been given the little love they deserve IMHO, I'm going to document my findings and proposals for improving them here, for everyone's benefit. Usually, I've tried giving feedback in said articles, but either they didn't change anything (even though they said I was correct) or they just didn't understand what I meant.


So, about sk115392:


Apart from the fact that this seems all very complicated and that logging to a Syslog server should be built-in to start with, this is a rather well-written sk article.


However, "installation instructions" contain conflicting information. The main page says Take 56 is ok, while the download page states that only Take 42 is supported.


Furthermore, in the meantime, Take 70 has been released... so somehow this solution is always running behind and it's not clear if we can upgrade without any danger or not. Which would not be the case if syslogging was built-in as I said.