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Startup-Config Equivalent

Question asked by Joshua Wright on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Joshua Wright

Does Check Point have an equivalent to the Cisco startup config that can be checked?

I understand that you can issue a "show configuration" to see what I understand to be the equivalent of the "show running-config" on a Cisco device. 
I ask this as I know that you need to save the config in order for it to be kept in the event of a reboot and I would like to be able to monitor this status. 


We use Solarwinds for our configuration monitoring on Cisco devices and that compares the Startup-config to the running-config to check if there are any unsaved changes and perform a diff on these. It would be nice if there was an equivalent way to do the same with the Check Points. 

I understand that the "show config-state" command will show me if there are unsaved changes, but not allow me to compare those changes. 


Any ideas?