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Can't connect to management server via SmartDashboard

Question asked by Wenjian Zheng on Feb 17, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Vladimir Yakovlev

Hi ,

      I have a clean installation GAIA 77.30 on Vmware,and I can open the GAIA webpage and setup the server as a primary managerment server. after that all finish ,and download the smartconsole via gaia webpage ,and install GUI ,but fail to connect managerment server.Error "connection cannot be initiated.Please make sure that the Server"x.x.x.x" is up and running and that you are defined as a GUI client .

1,I have off the windows firewall on my GUI client system.

2,I have set "any" access to the managerment server via smartdashboard

3,I have checked the GAIA system is running fine ,and the related process is ok,

4,I can ping from server to my PC and PC to server .and the time zone and date/time is same on both side .

I have checked many SK ,even if to change other PC to set up this ,and download a newer one 77.30 ISO image,but the problem still can't be solved ,could you help to advise  ?