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New Smart-1 Appliances

Question asked by 1ed54ed4-2409-4ee0-b942-4bf8a5ceb750 on Feb 16, 2018
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Dear Community,


I am interested in the new Smart-1 Appliances announced on CPX - especially in 5150.
Now it tried to find out specs to compare with the old 3150 Smart-1 appliance.


The old product catalog says about 3150 (you can still see it in the ios usercenter app):
Logs per second (indexed): 44,000


The new catalog says about 5150:
22,000 Sustained logs per second (Indexed)
40,000 Peak logs per second (Indexed)


The first view over these numbers gave me the impression, that the new 5150 can not handle as much logs as the 3150 can.

So I asked a specialist at the CPX booth where the new appliances were presended.

The answer was not really satisfying: "We changed the way we are counting logs."

Does anyone here have more details about how Check Point changed the way to count log
and/or how to compare 5150 with 3150?


Thanks in advance for your help.