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PBRs and ISP redundancy on SMB appliances

Question asked by Pedro Espindola on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Pedro Espindola

Hello everyone,


I have a centrally managed 1470 appliance with 2 internet connections in High Availatbility:

1. A adsl link connected to DMZ port and ISP redundancy priority 1

2. A dedicated link connected to WAN port and ISP redundancy priority 2


Link 1 is fast and great for users, but has upload limit and is unreliable for publications. So I tried to configure a PBR for the dmz network to use link 2:


dst:Any  src:  port:Any  next-hop:Link2


I also configured automatic static NAT in the corresponding object in SmartConsole.


The problem is that when the server tries to reach the internet for updates and other checks it will use the correct link for a while and then start to fail. When this happens, fw monitor shows this:




Access from the internet to the server continues to work.


Restarting the internet connection solves the problem for a few hours.


I also tried using the external network gateway:


dst:Any  src: port:Any  next-hop:<external-gateway>


What am I doing wrong?