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App Control ignoring a rule

Question asked by Devon Bingham on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Phillip Runner


   So recently we have noticed sporadic behavior where our gateways seem to ignore a rule in application control for our IT department users. we have it setup to identify these users via Active Directory using a security group. What we are seeing is it does not pick up on this rule and instead hits on a rule further down the rulebase that specifies the source as a network object instead of the AD security group. This also seems to be happening with other rules as well but much less frequently. ID awareness is working as the user is identified in the logs so I know it is at least communicating with AD.

   This issue started happening after we upgraded our Management server to 80.10 but I don't think it is actually related to that.


we are currently on 77.30 with a 80.10 management server. The gateways are being replaced in about 2 weeks with newer hardware/80.10 builds. I am unsure what the best way to troubleshoot this issue is and would love to hear any suggestions on how I can proceed. If I cannot figure it out before we replace the gateways I will simply engage CP support at that time.