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Does SecuRemote feature require a designated licesne?

Question asked by Lei Li on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Lei Li

As followed, over 700 users use this VPN client for working without office mode.


For now hardware as the VPN gateway is Crossbeam, license is like this "CPSG-C-4-U CPSB-FW CPSB-VPN CPSB-ADN CPSB-ACCL CPSB-IA CPSB-IPS CPSB-APCL" and it works well.


We're planning replacing Crossbeam device with two 5800 appliances and I was told that if we wanna keep this securemote feature woring we'll need to buy MobileAccess license for the appliances since some principle has changed couple of years ago.


Is this true? Does SecuRemote feature require a designated licesne now?


securemote VPN feature for over 700 users