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Sandblast for Office 365 Log Transport Agent

Question asked by Kim Moberg on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Gianluca Giordano


I have been reading the administration guide for Sandblast Cloud, and I want to push logs to our gateway mgmt log server on R80.10.

I am confused about why it is mention installation on linux or windows. 

doesnt it run on gateway mgmt?


Text from the guide.

The Log Transport Agent (LTA) utility transfers logs from your SandBlast Cloud account to a designated Log Server inside your internal corporate network. By default, logs are stored in the SandBlast Cloud for 30 days before being marked for deletion. Logs are generated each time SandBlast Cloud checks an email.

The designated Log Server can be:

  • A Check Point Log Server
  • A Check Point Security Management Server that also functions as a Log Server

Best practice is to run the Log Transport Agent directly on your designated Log Server.


Anyone managed to have it installed to R80.10? I know of R77.30 one have to installed a plugin into mgmt to be able to connect to the office 365 instance to get centralized logs.