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Web Advertisements drop in R80.10

Question asked by Kenny Manrique on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Kenny Manrique

Hello Community,


I'm experiencing an strange issue after Gateway upgrade to R80.10 (T56 now) on Open Server.


Previously when blocking Web Advertisements category on R77.30 all work fine with one "Block and show usercheck" rule. After upgrade to R80.10, the same rule was applied, and since Block option does not exists on the new architecture for APC and URL Filter, the option was replaced to drop instead.


I put you an example using the Drop option. There is a news site where embedded advertising exists. When I open a link of a report inside the site, the page remains loading forever in blank despite the news is already received (pressing F5 the report is showed on screen briefly). All this is because HTTPS advertising, according to the Logs, and it seems the session is still trying to establish despite the drop rule.

I got similar error on  and some other sites with embedded advertising.


As a workaround, what I had to do was create an inline layer for Web Advertisements and choose Reject for HTTPS and HTTPS_proxy. After this, the sites with embedded advertising load normally (I did the same test with the sites mentioned above).


So far, Web Advertisements is the only category who give me problems, but perahps this behavior reproduces in other categories. Would be great if can test this for yourself's and verify why the problem only reproduces when using drop.