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Check Point E80.72.0054 client generates very large etilqs files.

Question asked by Premysl Vresky on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Premysl Vresky

In our company, a problem occurred after the client's implementation. On the computers, we started to lose space on the HDD, we found out that c: \ windows \ temp began to contain etilqs files. They can have more than 100 GB. They overwhelm and are generated all the time. Computers are significantly slowed down. Users can not work productively

After analyzing the Process by the Monitor, we found EFRService.exe responsible for it

The problem was that RnD was evaluated as a bug, and a new client will be released in the coming days and will contain a patch. So far, this can be corrected by manual procedure. I do not write details of the procedure because I do not know if it's appropriate if we got it directly from RnD. But I hope this information can be beneficial for the CheckMate community