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Lost network connectivity uninstalling Endpoint VPN

Question asked by Paul Harrington on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Paul Harrington

We had a machine update to Windows 10 x64 1709, and it would pop up a warning the currently installed version of Endpoint VPN was not compatible.


I uninstalled Endpoint Client, but on the next reboot, I was unable to connect to any network, wired or wireless.

If I typed IPCONFIG, nothing is shown at all. IPCONFIG /ALL lists no adapters, just lists Host Name, Node Type, but not much else.


I tried using Windows 10 network reset option, but no luck. I also tried various netsh commands for resetting the network stack


The only option was to use System Restore to go back to an earlier point before Check Point Endpoint Security VPN client was installed.


I'm not sure of the version, but according to Apps and Features, it's 98.60.1031


How can I uninstall Endpoint VPN without breaking the network stack?