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VOIP with H323 over remote access VPN not working on R80.10

Discussion created by Viviana Checa on Jan 24, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I am trying to implement VOIP with H323 over remote access VPN in R80.10, the VPN user connects to Avaya Central (which is in internal network of the main office) through a soft phone. The status on R80.10 is: the soft phone register successfully on Avaya Central, the vpn user is able to do calls (calls between VPN user and extension on main office), but, the voice of the vpn user is not heard on the main office. The voice from main office is heard by vpn user.


On R77.30 works very fine, the thing is on R80.10 there is no protocol type on H323 options. For VoIP over VPN, protocol type must be set on NONE, for Video calls, protocol Type must be set on H323.

I have cloned H323, and try to set on protocol - None, but it did not work!

I attached to this post the captures for H323 on R77.30 and R80.10


Any ideas for solve this issue?


I appreciate your valuable comments