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LDAP Authentication failed in SSL VPN

Question asked by Gaurav Pandya on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by Gaurav Pandya

Hi All,


We are facing issue of authentication fail with LDAP for some of the users in Mobile SSL VPN. However other users are working fine even though they are in same group. In tracker it is showing like,

Action : Failed Log in

Reason : No Access rule defined for user


I have followed sk112374 and finally captured cvpnd.elg file for working user as well as non-working user. But there is no much difference in logs for both users. Below is the errors which is shown in cvpnd.elg


[ 4335][23 Jan 14:15:16][AUTHNMAN] [CVPN_INFO] Cvpn::AuthSession::updateLogReason: Not authenticated, reason: (No access rules defined for user) Methods: (Password)

[ 4335][23 Jan 14:15:16][AUTHNMAN] [CVPN_INFO] Cvpn::AuthSession::createGroupsCollection: User not authenticated


Error Message = >

[ 4335][23 Jan 14:15:52][CPLDAPCL] Using LDAP bind authentication

[ 4335][23 Jan 14:15:52][CPLDAPCL] Params<dn = 'CN=JSmith-Lakow,OU=Information