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NTP synchronization in 77.30 VSX cluster

Question asked by Kirill Borozdin on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Vladimir Yakovlev

Hello everyone,

Hope you`re all doing well.


I need your help with one  question which might seem easy but I have some doubts and need your expert advice  before implementing this change on production.

I found that current time on one Multi-Domain management server and 77.30 VSX cluster which is managed by this Smart isn`t synchronized and has large difference (about 1 hour) to the real time of location. It`s due to wrong NTP server configured both on Smart and VSX cluster


I`m worried if so huge time change can lead to any problems with ClusterXL protocol and state synchronization between cluster members or not. I found that one guy had the same question on CPUG forum but got different opinion in answers and he also didn`t share results of change, was it successful or not:


How to configure NTP for existed Checkpoint cluster without downtime? 


Has someone met this situation before and what the correct way of time synchronization for such topology where both Smart and VSX has wrong time configured and this should be fixed. I also have an assumption that different time should not influence on  logging and ClusterXL but I decided to ensure this having your expert opinion.


Thanks in advance




Kirill Borozdin