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New R80.10 Install Image (T462) is Now Available

Discussion created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Anthony Kwang

We are happy to announce that the R80.10 Homepage [sk111841] has been updated with a new image.



This new image (T462) contains several fixes and enhancements that apply to the First Time Configuration Wizard and the initial installation process.

Customers who installed the previously released R80.10 image (T421) are not required to install this new image.

As of R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix take 70, all Jumbo Hotfix (JHF) takes can be installed on both images (T421 and T462). Take 70 is the most recent JHF delivered by support. A later JHF is expected to become generally available in the near future.


What’s New in the R80.10 new image:

  • Reduced running time for the First Time Configuration Wizard during Security Management Server installation
  • Replacement of Kaspersky Anti-Virus components in accordance with security orders from the United States Department of Homeland Security. (https://www.checkpoint.com/kaspersky/)
  • Integrated support for Smart-1 405 and 410 appliances
  • Upgraded stability enhancements
  • Upgrade option from R77.30 with vSEC Controller to R80.10 is available via CPUSE
  • Integration of R80.10 Jumbo Hotfix - General Availability Take 42 items