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E80.70 Remote Access Clients for Windows

Question asked by Luca Fabbri on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2018 by Dmitry Shevelev

Hello CheckMates!!!

I'm writing to ask for a question regarding Remote Access Client and SSL certificate.



  • Check Point R77.30 and self-signed SSL certificate
  • E80.70 Remote Access Client installed as "Check Point Mobile"; the site was configured with "Username & Password" as authentication method.


First time I connect to the site, a warning regarding SSL self-signed certificate appears, then, after accepted, I can connect to the remote site.

If the site is removed and then re-added from configuration, the SSL certificate warning doesn't appear. This means that Check Point VPN client stores the certificate in somewhere inside the client.

Question: Where Check Point client save that SSL ceritficate ? I checked under Windows Certificate Store but I didn't find it. Is there a way to export it and import into another computer to avoid SSL certificate warning prompt during configuration of new site pointing to the same server ?


Thank you.