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mgmt_cli returns "Response body is empty"

Question asked by Dave Hoggan on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by Adiel Ashrov



So, I know this works - I've used it in customer demos for ages. But now it doesn't work for me.


But I'm now trying a very simple command, but getting the following error:


[Expert@fmmanstation:0]# mgmt_cli -u fwadmin -p l3tm31n add host name "ho.dmz" ip-address ""
message: "Command execution failed. Response body is empty"
code: "generic_error"


I've tried this with various commands and on two separate R80.10 installs (one management only and one a standalone). I've tried rebooting and stopping/starting the API.


Having a look around the knowledgebase, I can't see much that helps and api.elg does not seem to shed any light on the cause. Any ideas what may be causing this?