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Import Fails in R80.10

Question asked by RAGHU K on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Ankur Datta

Hi! Everyone,


I have taken a R80.10 migrate export file from the R77.30 Gaia Setup using R80.10 Migration tools. Removed all the errors in the pre-upgrade verifier stage.


While importing this migrate export file on R80.10 Setup, am getting the below error after 4 to 5Hours:



[Expert@Host:0]# ./migrate import hhtnt020_r8010_frm_r7730.tgz
The import operation will eventually stop all Check Point services (cpstop).
Do you want to continue? (y/n) [n]? y

Extracting the database...
Making sure server is clean installed and up...
Preparing database...
Stopping all Check Point services (cpstop)...
Process DASERVICE terminated
UEPM: Endpoint Security Management isn't activated
Management Portal: Stopping CPWMD
Process CPWMD isn't monitored by cpWatchDog. Stop request aborts
Management Portal: CPWMD failed to stop
Management Portal: Stopping CPHTTPD
Process CPHTTPD isn't monitored by cpWatchDog. Stop request aborts
Management Portal: CPHTTPD failed to stop
Stop Search Infrastructure...
Stopping RFL ...
successful Detach operation
Stopping Solr ...
successful Detach operation
Stop SmartView ...
Stopping SmartView ...
successful Detach operation
Stop Log Indexer...
Process INDEXER (pid=4447) stopped with command "kill 4447". Exit code 0.
Stop SmartLog Server...
Process SMARTLOG_SERVER terminated
dbsync is not running
evstop: Stopping product - SmartEvent Server
evstop: Stopping product - SmartEvent Correlation Unit
Check Point SmartEvent Correlation Unit is not running
SmartView Monitor: Management stopped
FireWall-1: cpm stopped
FireWall-1: fwm stopped
VPN-1/FW-1 stopped
Stopping Critical Alerts Sensor
SVN Foundation: cpd stopped
Stopping cpviewd
SVN Foundation: cpWatchDog stopped
SVN Foundation stopped
Importing files...
Execution finished with errors. See log file '/opt/CPshrd-R80/log/migrate-2018.01



Attached the migrate log file FYR.