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vSEC (VE) R80.10

Discussion created by Duane Hartman on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Vladimir Yakovlev

I have recently run into a substantial issue with vSEC for ESXi (R80.10).  This issue revolves around the vSEC being supported as a Standalone Server versus a distributed environment.  In researching the product, along with conversations with appropriate check point pre-sales engineers, it would appear that for smaller environments the Standalone Server would work without issue.


Recently have run into an issue with disk space errors on this installation which appear to (primarily) revolve around the growth of log files within the /var/log volume of the appliance.  As the appliance is installed via an OVF template, there is no way to customize the size of particular volumes such as root, var/log, etc.  This has led to TAC suggesting the the supported configuration is a distributed environment, though this appears to necessitate the purchase of yet another license for the Management Server.


Given the extensive logging that is implemented within R80.10, I am wondering if anyone has tried vSEC utilizing R77.30 in a Standalone environment?  If so, what if any issues were encountered?