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My top 5 SecureKnowledge solutions

Discussion created by Victor MR Employee on Dec 29, 2017
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Usually during training events we talk about useful resources and tools, including several SecureKnowledge solutions. There are several of them that I could print and put in my nightstand.


I will start with my top.

  • sk97638: Check Point Processes and DaemonsList of the processes and daemons, what they do, where are their logs, how to stop-start them, how to debug them. If a had to choose, I would probably pic this one.
  • sk52421: Ports used by Check Point softwareList of all ports used. Very useful when you have to enable or request for communications between Check Point elements, or when you have to troubleshoot some connections between them.
  • sk98348: Best Practices - Security Gateway PerformanceIncluding some useful tips for SecureXL, CoreXL, HyperThreading, Multi-Queue, and some references to other very good SKs about ClusterXL or VPN.
  • sk67820: Check Point Remote Access SolutionsIt has been many years from the first Check Point VPN/Remote Access solution. Lot of changes, names, licensing, and new capabilities. If you have doubts about which Remote Access Solution you need, this is the starting point.
  • ATRGs: Advanced Technical Reference GuidesOK, I'm cheating a bit here  This is not just one solution, but a landing page for all the ATRGs. Really, almost every ATRG is worth to have in bookmarks. How could I choose only one?


Also special mention to (outside my top 5):

  • sk111303: "Best Practices" Solutions and Documents
  • sk83520: How to verify that Security Gateway and/or Security Management Server can access Check Point servers?
  • sk65385: "How To" Solutions and Documents


And for you? The ones that you most visit or are most useful in your day-to-day work...


Which are your favourite TOP 5 "SKs"?