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Check Point 4200 Overload

Question asked by Dialungana Malungo on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Timothy Hall

Hi  Check Mates, I need your help with regards to one of my clients.


My client uses a 4200 appliance, and currently they are experiencing some problems with regards to traffic being slow.

The client has between 500 - 1000 users, their appliance has many policies and sometimes the appliance is overloaded.

They also have another 4200 appliance on a different site which is not in use, and they want to find a way on how they can balance traffic between these too appliance (I guess they need a cluster working in Load Balancing).


I would like to get your advice on how the problem can be approached. 


Will the clustering solutions solve the problem? taking into account the number of users?

Must they upgrade their appliance? 


Note: I am new to check point products, just starting my career


Thanks in advance.