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CheckPoint in ESXi environment

Question asked by Alexander Frolkin on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Vladimir Yakovlev

Hello, guys!

I implement test stand with 2 CP gateways in my lab with rules Any-Any. 

My first firewall (cp-sb) has as default gateway cp-ngfw.

Mutual network for 2 firewalls is in promiscous port group. Also, monitor mode interface is in promiscous port group.

When I run this stand my real switch goes into overdrive and real network starts to lose packets.

Experimentally, it was found that this behavior begins to occur when 2 conditions are met:

1) The workstation is running.

2) Interface with monitor mode is enabled.


Both of these conditions should not affect the network in any way, but this is not the case and I cannot understand why.

I will be happy if someone tells me what it might be related to.

Many thanks.