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Upgrading from SMB to 5k appliance

Question asked by Vincent Bacher on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by Vincent Bacher

Hello community,


because of load issues we are planning to replace a SMB cluster by a 5k series cluster. All settings will stay the same.


As the SMB cluster is a different type of Checkpoint object it's not just done by replacing the hardware and reset sic and change the hardware type inside the object.


Hard way would be to remove all references, delete smb cluster, create new cluster and re-define all references. 

As cluster object is referenced in huge number of objects (access rule install on, (hiding) nat src, ips etc), this is much effort.


Does anyone have ideas to reduce the work effort or is there just the hard way?

Smart Center runs R80.10 and 5k cluster will be R80.10 as well. SM Cluster runs R77.20.60.


Any ideas are appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards