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Security Servers

Question asked by Don Paterson on Dec 12, 2017
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I am trying to understand the difference between content security/Threat Prevention and the legacy security servers.

Are security servers (fwssd - in.ahhtpd etc.) still used anywhere in the modern R80.10 NGTP gateway - where AV, AB, TE and/or TEX?

The NGTP pdf Moty shared on the community is a bit high level.

Also interested in the access control blades that might use fwssd or details on what they use.

SK88020 implies that there are kernel modules in use (APPI and RAD_KERNEL).

Does that mean that it is not fwssd but a more efficient process attached to the fw kernel? Perhaps Resource Advisor running in kernel memory and as a kernel module/process? Same for the NGTP engine/s?