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Proper Definition & Use of "ALL_DCE_RPC"

Question asked by Daniel Taney on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Roland Wyss

I was reading through this thread discussing pros/cons of using "ALL_DCE_RPC" in a Firewall Policy:

What is Check Point's solution for RPC traffic on Internal firewall? 


I'll admit, I've been using Check Point for a while and I was wholly unfamiliar with ALL_DCE_RPC and what it did. Would someone be able to offer a quick crash course explanation of what this service is and what it should / shouldn't be used for? Presently, I have large ranges of TCP and UDP ports created to possibly accomplish the same thing. This sounds like a more secure option, but would love to learn a bit more about it before considering changing things.