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basic network config

Question asked by Red Hern on Dec 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Stuart Green

I recently bought a 3000-series appliance and am having difficulty connecting it to my network. I have a small business cable internet connection with a regular cable modem. I would like to use my cable modem's DHCP server to keep things simple.


I wired it up like this:

Cable Modem Eth0 Port to CheckPoint eth5 Port 

CheckPoint eth0 Port to laptop


Can anyone share what my network settings on the firewall should be?

I have the interfaces set to "Obtain IPv4 address automatically" and set an IPv4 Static Route of, "Destination Address: Default" to Gateways: "eth5"


I'm not getting any DHCP address on my laptop and if I set a static IP and try to ping my cable modem from my laptop it will not ping.


I'm probably in over my head, but I want to use this to replace my old Meraki device and am pretty excited to start learning the platform. Any help you could spare would be immensely appreciated.