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SmartLog Query "Favorites" Storage Location?

Question asked by Daniel Taney on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by Daniel Taney

Does anyone happen to know where SmartLog Query Favorites are stored in R77.30? I am going to be upgrading our Primary Management Servers to R80.10 sometime this month and the question was raised as to whether these would be preserved during the migration? One user, in particular, has about 3 dozen saved / favorited queries that he relies on pretty heavily. 


Since R80.10 has Views, I'd eventually like to convert these favorites to Views, as they would be valuable to our whole group. But, in the meantime, if these queries aren't stored in the CP Database (I couldn't find them searching for them by name in GuiDbEdit), I'd like to know where they are stored so they hopefully somehow be preserved. 


Thanks in advance for any insight anyone has!