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Utilizing Log Storage on Disk Larger Than 2TB

Question asked by Jason Cook on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Daniel Taney

I'm working on deploying a management server on an open server, Dell R730, with more disk that the 2TB limit for GAIA.  I installed & configured GAIA on a 1.5TB disk, and then I created a second 13TB disk in Dell storage management.  I've followed the steps in sk61081 to create a new GPT disk with the EXT3 file system. 


What I'm looking for assistance with is how do I get the management server to use this new disk space for log storage?  If possible I'd like to use disk space from both the 1.5TB and 13TB drives for log storage.


Lastly, are there any caveats with future upgrades, backup, other maintenance that we should be aware of after making changes to utilize the additional disk space for log storage?