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Script for NATed Network ISP Redundancy automation

Question asked by Anton Makarychev on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by Anton Makarychev

Hello everyone,


We have a checkpoint 5400 appliance and a management server R80.10 version.

We have two ISP links connected. One IP for ISP1 - X.X.X.X, for ISP2 - Y.Y.Y.Y. ISP1 is the main provider.

All internal networks except two are hidden behind X.X.X.X. But two networks are nated behind X1.X1.X1.X1 ip.

When we switch on the second provider ISP1, networks behind X1.X1.X1.X1 lose connectivity.


So the question: Is it possible to make an automatic script using CheckPoint API that in case of ISP switching it disables NAT rules of networks behind X1.X1.X1.X1? And when we get back to ISP1 it enables NAT rules again?

Maybe you could advice more accurate solution.