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Any easy way to roll back to R77.30 from R80.10

Question asked by Jack Prendergast on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by Eyal Rashelbach

Our Smart 1-50 appliances are not running fantastic on R80.10, due to it only have 4GB of RAM.


Since Check Point dont provide RAM for the Smart 1-50's anymore, despite them still being in support, we need to roll back to R77.30.


I have a backup from before we upgraded to R80.10, however running a clean install and restoring from this will lose 2 months of work.


We need to roll back and have our current policies and configuration as they are on R80.10.


Im aware there is no easy way to  do via migrate export.


Back up will not work..


I believe there isn't a proper option. 


Anyone else with any advice? Failing  that - anyone know how to get hold of RAM for our Smart 1-50's, that isnt going to invalidate support and warranty of course.