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R77.30 Log Server to R80.10, upgrade or migrate?

Question asked by Yaz Darwazeh Employee on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Yaz Darwazeh

Hello CheckMates,

I have a customer with a R77.30 management server and dedicated R77.30 log server looking to upgrade to R80.10. The question is twofold: 


1) If we want to keep the same model with the log server being dedicated, can the log server be upgraded to R80.10?

2) If we want to combine the two in R80.10 so that we have one server for management and logs, how do we go about migrating the R77.30 logs to the newly upgraded R80.10 management server? Especially since there are a lot of logs to migrate.


From other related posts, it looks like we might run into an issue when it comes to indexing large quantities of R77.30 logs if we try to import the logs post upgrade.


Thank you!