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What is the error "Operation Memory Clean up is needed" means?

Question asked by Ravindra Katragadda on Nov 28, 2017
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I am using dbedit to remove a bulk number of objects from the MDS.
We have a provider-1 appliance running gaia 77.30. It has 4 different CMA's. One of the CMA has 5560 objects that are not being used anywhere. So I ran the below script.


I SSH into MDS
then get in to CMA (mdsenv CMA IP)
run the below commands


dos2unix /var/log/CRQ000004847568_1.txt
dbedit -local -globallock -f /var/log/CRQ000004847568_1.txt &> CRQ000004847568_1_output.txt


The file has CRQ000004847568_1 has the following lines


delete network_objects wand-switch
delete network_objects GSNet_Host_Plain_172.31.189.188
delete network_objects GSNet_Host_Plain_192.168.16.10
delete network_objects ADT_ALARM_10.165.29.129
delete network_objects ADT_ALARM_10.101.191.228
delete network_objects ADT_ALARM_10.101.39.228
delete network_objects ADT_ALARM_10.104.239.228
same lines for 5560 objects and the last line is savedb command.


The output file shows me this error:
Failed to save database: Operation Memory Cleanup is Needed
Server is disconnected. All changes will be lost.
Error in line: 5561


Line 5561 is savedb command


Right now I cannot find the removed objects from the CMA. But I do not know if the database is installed correctly or not.


Your help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance