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CPLogToSyslog in R80.10

Question asked by Tom Cripps on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Tom Cripps

Hi all, 


We're having issues getting CPLogToSyslog fully working in our Checkpoint environment. We can see it working in R77.30 but not in R80.10. The issue we're facing is the utility holding a connection to our Syslog server essentially. We can see in Wireshark the traffic on the Syslog server but after a short period of time, the traffic will stop. As stated we have this running for over 2 hours now in R77.30 so we think it's either an issue with the version of Checkpoint, or it may be something to do with our amount of traffic we send to our R80.10 Management servers. 


I'd love to see if anyone else has come into this issue, and if you've resolved it, how?


Tom Cripps