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Unstable VPN tunnels

Question asked by Jeroen Demets on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Dezso Gesztesi


we have several sites where we can not get a decent internet connection. We are using a 4G router for those locations and have put 600 or 700 series appliances behind it. They get a dynamic IP so we are using a VPN community with certificates for these DAIP gateways.


VPN tunnels get built and everything works but we notice the lines are unstable. It also seems that when internet is available again, that the VPN tunnel refuses to re-establish. It takes some time before (some counters?) something gets reset and the tunnel can be rebuild again. The quickest way the end users know is rebooting the firewall.


Does anyone have any suggestions for creating more stable VPN tunnels on unstable lines? I don't know if the permanent tunnels feature would help here? Or is that designed for more stable lines?


Thanks in advance for tips & tricks!