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What is best practice when de-/installing multiple hotfixes

Discussion created by Rick Hoppe on Nov 29, 2017
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I'm having a situation I need to install the latest Jumbo Hotfix Take on several Security Gateways that have an older JHF Take and an incompatible Hotfix. A new version of that Hotfix is supplied which can be installed on top of the latest Jumbo Hotfix.


I wonder what the quickest way or best practice is to do this via CPUSE.


Usually I would proceed like this.


- Deinstall hotfix

- Reboot

- Install new Jumbo Hotfix Take (old JHF take will automatically be deinstalled)

- Reboot

- Install new version of hotfix

- Reboot


But in this case I have quite a lot Security Gateways and it would save time if I could do it faster.


Would you advise it to do it like this? Or do you have a better suggestion?


- Deinstall hotfix, suppress reboot.

- Install new Jumbo Hotfix Take, suppress reboot (old JHF take will automatically be deinstalled).

- Install new version of hotfix

- Reboot