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CLI slow response on new appliances

Question asked by Jan de Gier on Nov 26, 2017
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We recently added new hardware (3100 and 5600 Appliances) on R80.10. They seem to be very slow with responses to CLI commands.

Log in through SSH it takes about 8 seconds after I enter the username to get the password proomt and after entering the password it takes up to 25 seconds to get the CLI prompt ( I am using local username and password).

Logging in through Console is instantly.


When in expert mode trying to get the ARP table is very slow too. It give one entry at a time and about 2-3 seconds between entries.


I was wondering if anyone has the same experience and whether it is something that is related to R80.10 or the new appliances? We only run R80.10 on the new appliances and  the management server (open server) and the management server responds instantly for both log in and the "arp -a" command.


What can be done to make CLI faster? CPU usage is very low. all 4 CPU's are 95% or more idle.