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Capsule Workspace Beta Program for Customers

Discussion created by Asaf Livne Employee on Nov 23, 2017
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Hi all,


As some of you might now, Capsule Workspace includes an external beta program, where actual customers can join to enjoy pre-released versions, provide feedbacks and have effect on the planned content.

As an effort to increase the quality of the product and engage customers to be more involved in the release cycles, I would like ask for your help with enlarging the users base of our external beta program.


At this time, the program is opened to existing Capsule Workspace customers only.

We are looking for 1-5 participants from each customer, who are interested and committed to provide feedback and engage with us, when needed, to address the feedbacks and improve the product.


The process to enroll into the program is easy.

A customer or an interested organizational end user, should send an email to our public mailing list CAPSULE_WORKSPACE_BETA@AMADEUS.US.CHECKPOINT.COM with the following information:

  1. Company name:
  2. End User Full Name:
  3. Device Type:
  4. End User Email address used to install the app, in either Google Play Store or App Store:


Thank you for your cooperation.


Asaf Livne

Mobile Access R&D Group Manager