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Migration approach from interface flow policy

Question asked by Javier Sanchez on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Robert Decker

Hi all,



im facing a migration from various vendors to checkpoint environment, and im considering some options for the policy migration. Considering that the actual vendor used the interface policy flow definition, i would like to ask you about some experiences you have had in such deplyments ¿


Have you tried replicating the interface-flow policy, using the security zones ? I though that it would be the easiest approach but im not sure if considering that its not the "native" approach for checkpoint policy, im not sure if that replication attempt would be the safest bet.


But on the other hand, with the security zones, and layers is .. tempting to say the least :-). Could you please share you experiences if you had any in migrations similar ? Any regrets on using this approach if you did it that way ?





Javier Sanchez