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Upgrade R77.30 gateway with NAT, PBR and DHCP relaying?

Question asked by Juergen Meier on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by Timothy Hall

We have a R77.30 gateway cluster (two 4600 appliances).


Although we try to get rid of the legacy, the system still has to perform Policy based routing with NAT, DHCP Relaying (using the new relay service) with Mobile Access, URL Filtering and Antivirus blades (no SSL inspection).

The 4600 appliance has only 4 GB of RAM and is not upgradable.


SmartCenter is a dedicated system that will be upgraded to R80.10 regardless of this cluster (in order to manage other R80.10 firewalls)


Any thoughts on upgrading this Cluster to R80.10?

I am concerned about PBR and NAT and the DHCP relaying (the cluster acts as a DHCP relay).

Should we invest the time and efforts to remove these from the cluster prior to upgrade? or will R80.10 handle these without problems?


Or should we keep it at R77.30 until the platform can be renewed (at least 1 year to go)?