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Question about Checkpoint Swimlane Delineation and "Trains"

Question asked by Rachael Wheeler on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

I have a few questions about the "trains" checkpoint refers to for the releases of Management Server. I have included an image from Checkpoint below showing the trains.

I am trying to determine how I would be able to keep my Checkpoint products up-to-date and determine the latest patches associated with a particular Checkpoint swimlane.


1. From the image above it seems like they have the main "train" which corresponds to the minor version (e.g. R77.20, R77.30, etc.). Is it true that upgrading from MAJOR version R77 to R80 is a PAID upgrade? 


2. On the EP Train, there are sub versions of the minor versions on the main train (e.g. R77.30.01, R77.30.02, R77.30.03). These seem to be add-on's which go on top of R77.30 to enable certain add-ons and features. Are these considered patches/hotfixes for R77.30 or are they in their own swimlane? For example, will a system running R77.30.01 receive hotfixes specific for R77.30.01 or will the hotfixes only be minor version specific for R77.30?


3. Are the packages/tools (such as SmartConsole, Server Migration Tool, and SmartDomain Manager) ever updated independently? If so, how would I find these updates? Are these packages/tools associated with the EP train (they seem to be specific to an Endpoint Security Server and Client version)?


4.In the image above there are two arrows linking the EP train and Large Scale train to R80.20 Dev. What do these mean?


Any help is greatly appreciated.