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SecureXL and URL filtering

Discussion created by Luis Miguel Miguel on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by John Tammaro

I have a number of clusters with SecureXL. I get more than 85% of packets accelerated in most of them

I have one with about 65% of packets accelerated though. The main difference is that I have URL filtering enabled in this last one.

The URL configuration I have at the moment is simple just a few rules to block some categories, however I have one rule at the end that allows and logs all the traffic.

To be honest, I don’t need to log and track all the traffic so I was thinking in disabling the last line of the URL filtering blade.

I believe that there is an implied rule at the end that will allow all the http traffic at the URL filtering blade, so if I disable the last explicit rule I won’t block my users traffic, correct?