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How to recover Google Authenticator application key?

Question asked by Rui Meleiro on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Fabian Antunes

1. A new user is created on Checkpoint Sandblast Mobile Dashboard
2. Its two factor authentication method is configured
3. A QR Code with the activation key to Google Authenticator is shown
4. That QR Code is scanned on the Google Authenticator app
5. The Google Authenticator app issues temporary codes for the Checkpoint Sandblast Mobile 


Now - for some reason (no matter what that is) the Google Authenticator app has to be reinstalled. 
How would one repeat steps 3 to 5 above? 
Where would one get that QR Code or application key?
Did Checkpoint even consider that option??



Finally got a meaningful answer from support - There are two possible solutions for the problem:

- Use other administrator account (if any) and remove the Two factor authentication

- Follow SK24724 and pretend the old administrator left and you don't know their password.


So, no, they didn't even thought of that option. You have the option to reset your password but no option at all to reset the two factor authentication process.