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SMB 1400. SQL error: database or disk is full

Question asked by Andrey Korobko on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Andrey Korobko

I can not connect to the firewall 1400, in the logs error: "SQL error: database or disk is full"

How do I clean it?

Is there any description of the checkpoint's file system, what is stored, what files are system, which ones can be deleted, etc.


[Expert@CPGW]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
tmpfs 20.0M 1.1M 18.9M 5% /tmp
tmpfs 40.0M 40.0M 0 100% /fwtmp
ubi2_0 65.6M 1.1M 61.1M 2% /logs
ubi3_0 259.8M 149.9M 105.2M 59% /storage
ubi0_0 159.4M 105.0M 54.4M 66% /pfrm2.0
tmpfs 14.0M 0 14.0M 0% /tmp/log/local




[Expert@CPGW]# du -h /fwtmp/ | sort -n -r
776.0k /fwtmp/writers
88.0k /fwtmp/resources
52.0k /fwtmp/opt/CPInstLog
29.4M /fwtmp
26.9M /fwtmp/opt
26.8M /fwtmp/opt/fw1
25.2M /fwtmp/opt/fw1/cpeps
16.0k /fwtmp/opt/fw1/CPlogos
8.0k /fwtmp/opt/fw1/tmp/SessionCache_1
8.0k /fwtmp/opt/fw1/monitoring
8.0k /fwtmp/UserCheckLogs
8.0k /fwtmp/HotspotLogs
4.0k /fwtmp/opt/fw1/state
1.6M /fwtmp/opt/fw1/tmp
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/tmp/email_tmp/updates
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/tmp/email_tmp/aspam_sfw
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/tmp/email_tmp/aspam_engine
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/tmp/email_tmp
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/policies
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/monitoring/cpwd_monitor/new
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/monitoring/cpwd_monitor/monitor
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/monitoring/cpwd_monitor/finish
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/monitoring/cpwd_monitor
0 /fwtmp/opt/fw1/global_mutexes
0 /fwtmp/cprid
0 /fwtmp/UserCheckSession
0 /fwtmp/NACSession
0 /fwtmp/NACLogs
0 /fwtmp/HotspotSession