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Capusle Cloud Connection issue

Question asked by Tadhg Cashman on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by Pablo Barriga



I am trying to setup capsule cloud at the moment for use with a mobile device (iphone).


We use an apn for our email connection and this is causing issues for me with capsule cloud. I just want the cloud to work on wifi which I have set. So when on mobile data it should not function and the apn should work however it does not.


I have added an exclude ip for our apn and have added a policy to exclude the apn ip also but whatever I do I cant get it to function properly. When I am on wifi the capsule works but when I go off the wifi I no longer get internet connection from my mobile data so cannot receive emails or connect to the internet. If I suspend capsule cloud my internet returns to my mobile data.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.