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Why checkpoint cluster suddenly freezed ?

Question asked by Prashan Attanayake on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Prashan Attanayake

We have checkpoint cluster, both worked fine. But suddenly one device in cluster suddenly freezes. We had to manually restart the freeze device to activate the other device as active. Even checkpoint support engineer doesn't found root cause to freeze. 


I want to know why sudden freeze happen in cluster ? 


Please find the log details as well 

[fw4_1];FW-1: [cul_load_freeze][CUL - Cluster] CUL should be OFF (short timeout of 10 seconds expired) but at least one member reported high CPU usage 9 seconds ago 


kernel: [fw4_1];FW-1: [cul_load_freeze][CUL - Cluster] CUL_CLUSTER is FREEZE_ON and should stay ON, updating time, kernel CPU usage [85%]