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Mobile Access Blade Unified - Migrate

Question asked by Carlos Santos on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Carlos Santos

Hey everyone,


I'm trying to migrate MAB Policy to a recently upgraded R80.10 GW running Mobile Access Blade.


First think I noticed, previous applications created to be used in legacy MAB are also legacy objects, and as far as I've been able to see if they are used in the "unified" rule-base they are not going to match. at least native application haven't.

So I had to think like a regular remote access rule base configuration (that was actually good by the way, no more address-range objects IMHO).


What confuses me though, are the web based applications, Active Sync, etc, I luckily didn't have to migrate, since the customer was using anything like this, but it makes me wonder, since I have a lot of others, that are planning to update, and are using such applications in old MAB config so I'm having hard time figuring this out.


1. Are all previous Mobile Application objects legacy type? If not which ones are legacy, and which are not, any available list?


2. While migrating the policy, at push policy, one immediately notices, pre-Unified configuration warning detected, although I appreciate the heads-up on that, I actually left the configuration there, since one needs to make sure all settings were properly migrated, for a smooth move, but this message somehow is saying, unless I remove the shared mobile configuration, shared mobile will take over, this was my understanding, it may be wrong, and it looks that way since when I started this move native applications access stopped matching shared Mobile rules, as I stated in the beginning.


Anyone using this already, with it's full included features?


Thought's appreciated,

Carlos Santos